Voice of the Modern Millennial.

Writer, Director, and Producer, "KYLE THOMAS” channels the Millennial zeitgeist through marketing and episodic entertainment. A prolific writer, expert networker, and natural leader, Kyle has a gift for capturing electric moments and distilling the modern human condition. He is a signature voice living and creating on the cutting edge of Millennial attitudes and expression.

STILETTO enjoyed a run in the national film festival circuit and was an official selection of the 2013 Garden State Film Festival, the Columbia Gorge Film Festival,  the Naperville Independent Film Festival, the Interrobang Film Festival, the Paterson Falls Film Festival, and won Kyle Thomas "Chicago 2012 Filmmaker of the Year" from national arts organization RAW: natural born artists alongside Hesperidian Productions. STILETTO has been screened all over the Midwest and on both national coasts. STILETTO premiered to a crowd of over 1000 people at the Portage Theatre in March 2012.

Photos of STILETTO can be viewed HERE.

Synopsis: Justice is elusive to Pete Davis, a Chicago District Attorney attempting to prosecute an Archbishop for the abuse of a little girl. When the victim commits suicide, Pete is granted two days to find additional evidence to make his case.

With the aid of his partner, a detective immersed in the corruption of big-city politics, Pete hesitantly accepts the help of an old lover, the madame of Chicago's highest-end brothel. The three construct a web to thwart their powerful adversary, unaware of the true monster they will ultimately unleash.

Stiletto is a story of vengeance, love, and decay and breathes new life into a classic genre by blending contemporary themes with the visual style, narrative conventions and character archetypes of film noir. The film’s achievements in lighting and cinematography are matched by riveting direction and performances by the actors in a suspenseful story that keeps the audience guessing until the final scene.

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