Voice of the Modern Millennial.

Writer, Director, and Producer, "KYLE THOMAS” channels the Millennial zeitgeist through marketing and episodic entertainment. A prolific writer, expert networker, and natural leader, Kyle has a gift for capturing electric moments and distilling the modern human condition. He is a signature voice living and creating on the cutting edge of Millennial attitudes and expression.


Kyle Thomas is an award-winning Film Director, Creative Director, and Content Producer. Kyle has been honored by the Windy City Times for being one of 30 Under 30 as well as recognized for his work by national arts organization, RAW: natural born artists, as "Chicago Filmmaker of the Year" alongside independent film company, Hesperidian Productions, and a Groundbreaking Artist and Entrepreneur by Universal Creativity. Kyle Thomas was the original founder of Chicago-based film and fashion production company, Hesperidian Productions, and produced and directed short films and a fashion webseries with national and international brands such as Topshop/Topman, Brooklyn Industries, and many notable Chicago boutiques. With Kyle Thomas's leadership, the company received press on a local and national level, as well as launched a distinctive and growing brand, and an impressive social media presence that engaged followers and potential clients all over the nation.

Kyle Thomas utilizes his skills as a content producer and marketing director to aid clients on branding and online promotion. Kyle Thomas's skills yielded clients vast online exposure through social media outlets, press on a local and national level, as well as a major award from the Better Business Bureau. Kyle Thomas was chosen by nationally-recognized fashion designer, Borris Powell, to be the face of his new men's line and since, Kyle Thomas has been featured in national and international publications.

Kyle Thomas is interested in the intersection between social media and film and how that experience shapes what audiences feel for brands and stories alike. It all begins with vision: creating memorable and emotional stories that elicit attachment within consumers and audiences. Branded content for mobile and online viewers has become a powerful form of advertising and continues to rise at an ever-increasing rate.

Also, beginning in 2018, Kyle Thomas has become resident astrologer for lifestyle brand, Love by Luna. To find out more information about this, view LUMINE. Currently, Kyle Thomas is developing episodic content for television and digital platforms, as well as writing lyrics for established pop music producers.