Voice of the Modern Millennial.

Writer, Director, and Producer, "KYLE THOMAS” channels the Millennial zeitgeist through marketing and episodic entertainment. A prolific writer, expert networker, and natural leader, Kyle has a gift for capturing electric moments and distilling the modern human condition. He is a signature voice living and creating on the cutting edge of Millennial attitudes and expression.

Love is beautiful even when it's dark.

365 Days of Love Letters, an episodic romantic drama, follows two Millennial best friends who embark on a path of self-discovery, chronicling romance, heartbreak, and rebirth through the lens of technology. Together, the two face addiction to love, security, and fantasy. Dive into the modern games of love.


With Chris Salvatore (the Eating Out series), RJ Aguiar (known for being a social media pioneer), and Caitlainne Gurreri (Grey’s Anatomy, All My Children) headlining the show, the series is generating buzz already and has begun to attach several key players who round out the team across acting, producing, marketing, fashion, and music. From the team alone, we have cumulatively generated over 13 million YouTube views, 2 million Facebook fans, 405K Instagram followers, 171K YouTube subscribers, and 169K Twitter followers. Created by Kyle Thomas and produced by Jessica Bryant, the show was shot by Jessica Ramos (who worked on Breaking Bad,  Hail, Caesar!, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and will be scored by powerhouse Craig Snider (who has worked with Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Kelly Clarkson). Craig Snider will also produce three pop singles that will be released in connection with the series.


The team has begun an IndieGoGo campaign to finish the first season. Support 365 Days of Love Letters starting mid July 2018.

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